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Designing Inequality Into Our Genes (Source)

With discussions about racism and discrimination swirling in the current political climate, their underlying genetic themes are much less debated than in the past.

This is due to the deeply troubling, tabooed history of this simple question:

Does genetics influence human value?

In medical terms, some genetic traits may certainly…

Bio-art by David Goodsell (Source)

How computers started a bio-revolution

Few fields are experiencing the same degree of turbulence today as the biological sciences.

If physics was the hot popstar of the 20th century, the 21st century stage is dominated by the life sciences (in particular genetics, molecular and cellular biology, and microbiology), sharing the scene only with computing. …

Back in late March 2020, in one of the busiest cities in central Europe, an Uber driver tells me he saw a 90% of his daily business vanish in a few days.

I turn my neck around as the words COVID VIRUS 19, tattooed on the side of a bridge…

Image from Kurtzgesagt (Source)

Few life science sectors are gaining economical traction in the same way as synthetic biology.

Advancements in genome sequencing and engineering technologies allow us to create custom genetic constructs and reprogram living organisms, opening up new ways to produce drugs, chemicals, bio-fuels, materials and much more. According to Forbes, the…

Posters Celebrating Women In Science (Source)

My fellow scientists and colleagues at the Nobel Committee,

I must confess I was surprised to receive your request for an expert account on the candidates for the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Like all biologists, I too closely followed the astounding race for discovering the twisted-ladder structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, in 1953.

The heated race…

“I have never met anyone who loves virtue as much as he loves sex.” — Confucius

We are attracted to our friends

This attraction is not physical, but psychological. We befriend people who feel familiar, who we connect with and want to share our lives with. It makes us feel accepted and understood.

Sometimes, we share…

Pick an unwanted personal trait you wish you could change.

It could be a physical detail or character flaw gradually developed during your lifetime, like caffeine addiction, a fear of closed spaces, or being an aggressive drunk. Or how about a life threatening condition — diabetes, depression or cancer?


Laura Turpeinen

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